Air Conditioning Installation
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Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioning is a part of the HVAC system, in the summer when the weather is hot, it is a very useful equipment that keeps you from sweating in your own home and allows you to have a great night. Is it a hot summer day and do you need home ac installation? Look no more you are at the right place here at Santa Monica Golden Air we can help you with your ac installation.

 Sometimes as a houseowner that is tech-savvy you might want to try to fix the air conditioning yourself, but this isn’t the best because without the proper knowledge of what to do and the right training and experience it can pose a dangerous job. The mistakes might be costly because if you are trying to fix the AC and something goes wrong causing damage to the unit, there is no guarantee that your warranty will be valid. So, to avoid these problems its best to contact a professional to get this done and we are readily available to you anywhere you are in Santa Monica. We provide you with:

  • A friendly customer support system
  • Well trained and licensed professionals that are readily available whenever you want
  • Affordable and budget minded pricing.
  • Long lasting solutions to your problem and also a guarantee.

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Central air conditioning installation 

Central air conditioning is a system in which the air is cooled at a central place and from there it is distributed throughout the other rooms by means of fans and air ducts.  The following are the advantages of this form of air conditioning:

  • Clean air – air passes through air ducts and the work of the air duct is to filter the air that is passing through it, bringing out cleaner air. We shouldn’t be ignorant of the fact that the air that is present in the atmosphere in our houses most times is contaminated but with the help of the air ducts and filtration we can live in comfort with little or no risk of health problems.
  • Functioning smoother – because of the location of the compressor bearing unit outside, the level of noise inside is lower.
  • Provides you with comfort – all air conditioning system provides you with a cool house and a decrease in humidity level.

There are 2 main types:

  • A split system – this is the most common type that consists of an internal unit and an external compressor.
  • A packaged system – these ones are integrated into the walls and the ceilings in the home and they are designed to carry out both the heating and cooling. But they are more expensive to buy and install.
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Air Conditioning Installation in Santa Monica

We can help you with any air conditioning system installation, our technicians have a lot of experience with a lot of different types and models of AC.


So, do you need to install you AC? You are at the right place contact us now for your guaranteed work!


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