Air Conditioning Maintenance
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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Endeavor that your air conditioning is maintained regularly and you will be a lot of money. An air conditioner’s filters, ducts, vents, fans, and coils require regular inspections, if you ignore this, there will be a decline in the air conditioning functioning and also an increase in energy consumption. Just like any other device or appliance, your AC unit will experience a lot of wears and tears from constant use, but this is a problem that can be solved by running a maintenance check.

Looking for an AC maintenance company? You have come to the right place here, book an appointment with Santa Monica Golden Air now and get your AC maintenance. We offer you air conditioner maintenance service anywhere you are in Santa Monica. We offer you a wide range of services that covers central air conditioning maintenance.

Here are the necessary steps the technician takes during home ac maintenance:

The professional carries out a thorough inspection of the unit. Inspect the following: voltage, belts, vents, ducts, refrigerants and examine the drainage lines.

  • Inspection of the fan motor, air filter, condenser and evaporator coil.
  • Oil the motors and check the belts for any form of wear or tear.
  • Check out the thermostat to ensure it is working properly.
  • Measure the airflow through this coil.
  • Remove dirt from the unit.
  • check the refrigerant levels.
  • Capture any refrigerant that escapes into the atmosphere.
  • Confirm the right electric control sequence and ensure the heating system and cooling system can’t operate at the same time.
  • Observe the normal functioning of the AC.

Why does my AC need maintenance?

Just like you have to service your car now and then for it to run smoothly, you also need to regularly maintain your unit to ensure that it runs smoothly too. Advantages of doing this are:

  • Prolongation of the life span of the unit.
  • Saving yourself a lot of money that would have been used on repair and replacement.
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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Although some of the above-mentioned maintenance steps can be fixed at home, a trained HVAC technician can detect little problems before they become major ones at an affordable cost. The advantage of having a professional carry out your routine checks outweighs the cost of getting a professional.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now at our company we are always available to help you schedule a routine maintenance check on your AC unit. 

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