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Air Conditioning Repair

During the hot summer air conditioning comes in really handy, you can have a peaceful sleep at night and in the day time you can go about your daily activities at home without actually feeling the heat. It is of maximum importance to always run maintenance, clean, change air duct, and inspect your unit, but sometimes even after doing the above mentioned your air conditioning system can still disappoint when you need it the most, but do not worry we have you covered at Santa Monica Golden Air, you can contact us for a professional for your home air conditioning repair. We offer you convenient and affordable options for your ac repair.

Common problems that AC owners encounter

An AC that is not functioning well in the summer is a huge problem because it can destabilize your home and even require you to spend the night somewhere else. Here are some common complaints:

  • AC won’t come on at all
  • The air conditioning isn’t cooling
  • Low refrigerant
  • AC is blowing hot air
  • The AC won’t turn off 
  • Strange noise from the unit
  • Some rooms are warmer than others
  • The thermostat is always incorrect
  • The circuit breaker always trips off when the Ac is turned on 
  • The coil is frozen

These problems can be caused by a couple of things

  1. Low refrigerant – it is what your unit uses to take out humidity and heat in the home. If there is a leak and the refrigerant escapes you will end up with not sufficient refrigerant to cool the house. There is a need to contact a professional who will identify the leak and repair the holes which can be both time consuming and costly.
  2. Condenser coils that are dirty – the condenser coil does not work well when it is covered with a lot of dirt and grim. It is responsible for taking out the heat removed from the air by sending it out of the building. Dirt and grim makes heat transfer difficult. 
  3. A frozen evaporator coil – it is filled with refrigerant and is responsible for the absorption of the heat. When there is something wrong there can be build up of ice outside the coil. This causes the supply of only warm air.
  4. Problem with thermostat – when you have a faulty thermostat it means that you AC isn’t getting the right command on what to do from it. This problem can be fixed easily by replacing or recalibrating the thermostat or reprogramming programmable ones.
  5. Leaking ducts – most times air ducts are located in the walls and ceilings and if there is a leak the cool air ends up stuck in the wall or in the ceiling to no one’s advantage. In this situation there will be no cooling.
  6. Problems of the fan – if the fan is not working well or is old it leads to poor air flow and air conditioning problems.
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Air Conditioning Repair in Santa Monica

Do you need ac repair services anywhere around Santa Monica? We are here to help contact us now and get your AC fixed and save yourself the stress of difficult nights because of discomfort.


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