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Air Duct Repair

Air ducts most times are often forgotten about, which is not shocking or surprising considering their locations, some are hidden in the floorboards while some are hidden inside the ceilings. A lot of house owners are ignorant of the fact that the ductwork in the house accumulates dust, debris, pet dander insects, dirt and other possibly harmful substances that can affect your HVAC system. This particularly can affect the health of the whole family negatively.

We should always note that ductwork also contributes a whole lot to the efficiency of our heating ventilation and air conditioning system. A damaged air duct can increase your monthly utility bills so, in order to ensure that everything is running fine you need repair and maintenance. With an air duct repair from Santa Monica Golden Air you are good to go. We offer you the best air duct repair services anywhere you are in Santa Monica. We specialize in air duct repair of any type be it fiberglass, flex or metal air duct. We carry out the following steps:

  • Inspect your home.
  • Identify the problem areas.
  • Offer you solutions to your problem like sealing, repair and duct insulation.


Some commonly encountered ductwork efficiency problems

Most times the complaints are often recycled, we hear the same complaints over and over again like; 

  • rooms take too long to heat up or to cool, 
  • in the summer the house is too hot and in the winter the house is too cold, 
  • some rooms have a different temperature from the rest of the house, 
  • monthly utility bills have doubled,
  • when the unit put on, produces an odd odor in the vicinity of the vent. 

Most times these problems can be caused by one of the following:

  • Leakage of the duct – this causes the air to escape into the atmosphere before it gets to its destination. In other words, this means that your heating and cooling system will have to double up and work harder so as to get rooms to desired temperatures.
  • Imbalanced airflow – when airflow is imbalanced some rooms tend to get much more heating or cooling than other rooms in the same house. Imbalanced airflow can be due to register location.
  • Under insulated ducts – some ducts can be poorly insulated and when this happens it works against your system during the winter and summer season. This forces the HVAC system to heat or cool the ducts before the right air temperature can get to the room. Consequences of this is an increase in the utility bill and inefficiency of the air duct.
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AC Duct Repair in Santa Monica

Why to choose Santa Monica Golden Air

Here at our company we offer you a wide range of services be it air conditioner duct repair or any other ductwork repair.

Our solutions include:

  • Tests including air flow and leakage tests
  • Sealing of duct to eliminate leaky ducts
  • Insulation of ducts to prevent heat loss
  • Balancing your air ducts by installing the transfer grill or jumper ducts

To improve your comfort and household health get the right solutions. Contact us today at Santa Monica Golden Air! To make the first step towards your comfort.


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