Ready Your Air Conditioner For Fall Season With These 10 Tips

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The fall season is upon us, so our air conditioners can take a break for a few months because we now need heating. But, turning it off or unplugging it is not enough because it will be exposed to cold and snow in some areas. So, here are ten tips to properly prepare your central HVAC system for fall:

  1. Winterize your heating and air conditioning. When winter comes, you should have all the preparations made. You can do the following:
    • Invest in insulation for your doors and windows to avoid cold air from entering your house.
    • You can also re-caulk windows and other ventilation to ensure that they are secured, and your house is well-insulated.
    • Insulate your pipes and lower your water temperature.
  2. Have a scheduled maintenance check-up. Ensure that your heating and ventilation systems can handle temperature changes throughout the year. Santa Monica Golden Air can help maintain your HVAC systems to work properly through the winter season.
  3. Adjust your thermostat settings. An adequate temperature won’t affect your HVAC system or overwork it until it breaks. So, adjust it according to your preferences but not too much that your HVAC system breaks down.
  4. Let your heating system run for a few minutes. Your heating system might smell after months of stagnation in the first few minutes. However, letting it run for a few moments will eliminate the smell and kickstart your heating system for the colder months ahead.
  5. Clean or reinstall air conditioner filters. Your air conditioner filters catch dirt and debris, so ensure to clean them at least once a month. If you notice breaks and tears, have them replaced by a professional.
  6. Clean your condenser unit. Dirt and debris can accumulate on your condenser unit. Build-up will affect its performance, so ensure you regularly clean it, especially during the fall when leaves can build up around your condenser.
  7. You should clean your unit’s coils as well. You should also clear coils of dirt to ensure optimal performance for your HVAC unit. This way, you won’t encounter malfunctions that could potentially ruin your entire system.
  8. Turn off your unit’s power. When not in use, ensure to turn off your unit’s power. Not only will this preserve your HVAC system, but it will also protect the condenser from nonstop usage damage.
  9. Clean and seal air ducts. You can seal air ducts in the autumn or winter months to prevent cold air from entering the house. You can save energy by lowering the temperature, and your heating system won’t be overworked.
  10. Ensure there are no external damages to your HVAC system. It would be best to repair it when there are small tears in your HVAC system, especially on the electrical wires. Water and other natural debris can cause wires to spark. It could then lead to short circuits and fire.

These tips will ensure you’re all set and ready to face the cold autumn and winter months. Following these steps will protect your HVAC system and allow it to work with no problems throughout the year!

Remember that Santa Monica Golden Air will assist you with any HVAC system needs. So, call us, and we’ll ensure you are comfortable whatever the season!