Thermostat Services
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Thermostat Services

Whether you are in need of a new thermostat installation or you want to replace thermostat we are always at your service at Santa Monica Golden Air. We offer you a wide variety of thermostat services here in Santa Monica which includes the following:

  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Installation.

What is a Thermostat?

In the winter or in the summer when you have specific needs for heating and cooling so as to be comfortable, this little device comes in handy.

It controls the heating and cooling systems in the house and is used to regulate the heating system. If the house begins to drop in temperature it switches on the heating to make it warm, after it has reached desired temperature it is switched off again to prevent overheating. 

If your thermostat starts to misbehave or is very old, it can affect the comfort of you and your family and lead to an increase in the energy consumption.

Often encountered problems of the thermostat are:

  • Insufficiency in the cooling or the heating
  • System is not coming on
  • System is not going off
  • Imbalance in the cooling and heating

You can choose to repair or replace it. 

When making the decision to repair or replace put into consideration the lifespan of your thermostat if it is old enough it is best to replace than to repair, also the cost of repair should be considered. If the cost of fixing your old thermostat is high and almost equivalent to the cost of a new one or half the price of the old one it is best to replace. You can choose to upgrade to a smart thermostat because it provides you with comfort, energy savings and on the go control.

Steps that are included in thermostat replacement are:

  1. Removal of the old one
  2. Installing of the new one
  3. Running a test to check for good functioning after installation
  4. Instruct on how to use.
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Thermostat Services in Santa Monica

Why should you hire a professional to replace your thermostat?

As a homeowner who is very resourceful and tech-savvy you might want to try this on your own it can have two outcomes, it may succeed or it may fail. You are at a risk of mixing up the wiring, blowing a fuse or making other possible mistakes. But if a professional handles this it saves you a lot of time and reduces the risk of danger.

 Here at Santa Monica Golden Air we have highly trained and vetted professionals that can help you anywhere in Santa Monica. Contact us now! And we will assist you in the best way we can.


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